Press Release, WHO
Press Release, University of Hong Kong
About SARS (by Health & Safety Executive (HSE), UK)

Current Information (WHO)
WHO post-outbreak biosafety guidelines for handling
SARS specimens and cultures(WHO)

Biosafety guidelines for handling SARS specimens (WHO)
Public health management in post-outbreak period (WHO)
Cumulative numbers of cases, WHO
Epidemic curves, WHO
SARS in the EU countries, EC
Special Edition of Eurosurveillance

European laboratories for SARS diagnostics
Immunofluorescence test for SARS
Availability and use of laboratory testing, WHO
PCR primers for SARS, WHO
Laboratories testing for SARS, WHO

Coronavirus as a possible cause of
severe acute respiratory syndrome. Lancet.

Novel coronavirus and severe acute respiratory
syndrome [commentary]. Lancet.

Identification of a novel coronavirus in patients
with severe acute respiratory syndrome. N Engl J Med.

A novel coronavirus associated with severe
acute respiratory syndrome. N Engl J Med.

CDC. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and
coronavirus testing - United States, 2003. MMWR

  Standard preparation for
diagnostic PCR of new coronavirus
  The preparation can be obtained under the following address:
For further information see data sheet below.
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