Links to further information on the viruses
diagnosed at the ENIVD Laboratories

                       Last update: 15 August 2005

Virology Links Complete taxonomy: Alphabetical List of Virus Taxa
Collection of information concerning virology:
All the Virology on the www
Information on Virus Families
Links to pages concerning virus diseases
The Big Picture Book of Viruses
The Microbiology Information Portal
National Library of Medicine, Bibliography: VHFs, 1723 Citations
European Influenza Surveillance Scheme: Internet Database

(Arena, Bunya, Flavi, Toga)
Short Summary on Arboviruses
Facts about morphology, genome, replication etc.: 'Arboviruses'
The Arena Virus Family
Substantial information on Australian Arboviruses

Single Viruses

Arbia virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information:Arbia virus
Arumwot virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Arumwot virus
Bhanja virus (Bunya-unassigned) Virus-group information: Bhanja virus
Bunyamwera virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus information: Bunyamwera virus
California Encephalitis (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: California encephalitis virus
Camelpox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Chikungunya (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Alphavirus
Concise information on Chikungunya
Corfu (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Corfu virus
Cowpox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Crimean-Congo HF (Bunya-Nairo) Virus information: Crimean-congo HF
CCHF in South Africa: What is Crimean-congo HF
Transmission of CCHF: Fascinating facts
Dengue 1-4 (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Dengue virus
World Distribution of Dengue 2000
Excellent Slide Set on Dengue (CDC)
WHO-Publication on Dengue
Guidelines on management of dengue/dengue HF
in small hospitals (.pdf file)
Current WHO Information - Tropical Diseases: Dengue
CDC-Information on Dengue/HF and Fact sheet
Dhori virus (Orthomyxo-"Thogoto like") Virus-group information: Dhori virus
Dobrava-Belgrade virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Hantaan virus
The Hantaviruses of Europe
Characterisation of Dobrava Virus
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Yugoslavia
Dugbe virus (Bunya-Nairo) Virus-group information: Nairo virus
Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: EEE virus
More information on EEE
What is EEE
References on EEE and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
Ebola virus (Filo-Filo) Virus information: Ebola virus
The complete Book by S.R. Pattyn:
Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever
Travel information
Hantavirus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus information: Hantavirus
Information on Hanta
CDC-Information: All about Hantaviruses
Information on Hanta and Rodent hosts of Hantaviruses
Hantaan virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus information: Hantaan virus
Hendra Virus (Paramyxo-Henipa) Virus-group information: Nipah virus
Fact Sheets (CDC)
Information of the CSIRO
Herpes virus B (Herpes-Simplex)
Virus-group information: Simplexvirus
Transmission from monkeys to man: Zoonoses
Transmission from monkeys to man: Transmission
Managing monkeys and B-virus
Inkoo virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: Inkoo virus
Japanese Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Japanese encephalitis group
Information in depth
Traveler information
Junin virus (Arena-Tacaribe) Virus-group information: Junin virus
South American Haemorrhagic Fevers
Short summary: South American hemorrhagic fevers
Karimabad virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Rift Valley fever complex
Taxonomy: Bunyaviridae
Kunjin virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Kunjin virus
Replicaton of Flavivirus Kunjin
"Green Paper" on Australian arboviruses
Substantial information on Australian Arboviruses
Kyasanur Forest virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Kyasanur forest disease virus
La Crosse virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: La Crosse virus
LAC distribution in the USA
Surveillance Protocol
Provider FAQ
Public FAQ
Langat virus (Flavi-Flav) Virus-group information: Langat
Short description and References (French)
Lassa Fever (Arena-'LCMV-LASV') Virus information: Lassa virus
Travel information
Fact sheet: Lassa
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus
Virus information: LCM virus
History of LCMV
List of recognised Arenaviruses
Louping ill virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Louping ill virus
Short sumary & references: Louping ill in sheep/cattle/people
Machupo virus (Arena-Tacaribe) Virus-group information: Machupo virus
Prospects for the Control of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever
List of recognised Arenaviruses
Marburg virus (Filo-Filo) Virus information: Marburg virus
All about Marburg virus (CDC)
Travel information
Mayaro virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Mayaro virus
Mayaro virus disease
Mayaro virus fever in french Guiana
Monkeypox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Mousepox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Murray Valley Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Murray Valley virus
Substantial information on Australian Arboviruses
"Green Paper" on Australian arboviruses
Nipah Virus (Paramyxo-Henipa) Virus-group information: Nipah virus
Fact Sheets (WHO)
Information of the Malaysian Veterinary Department
Information on Nipah
Ntaya virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Ntaya virus
Ockelbo virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Ockelbo virus
References on Ockelbo and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
O'nyong-nyong (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: O'nyong-nyong
References on O'nyong-nyong and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
Description of O'nyong-nyong
Palma virus (Bunya-unassigned) Virus-group information: Bhanja virus group
Reference:      A.R. Filipe et al.(1994):
"Palma Virus, a New Bunyaviridae Isolated from Ticks in Portugal";
Polio virus 1-3 (Picorna-Entero) Virus information: Polio virus
Virus-group information (Genome; Replication etc): Picornaviruses
The Poliovirus Life Cycle
Poliomyelitis History
Powassan (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Powassan
Short description and References
Powasssan encephalitis
Powasssan data sheet English / French
Punta Toro virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Punta Toro complex
Puumala virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Puumala virus
HF with Renal Syndrome: Nephropathia Epidemica
Puumala in Finland
Rabies virus (Rhabdo-Lyssa) Virus information: Rabies virus
Human and animal rabies (WHO)
Human Rabies Prevention: 1999 Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
Rabies (French)
More Rabies Related Links
Reston virus (Filo-Filo) Virus-group information: Reston virus
CDC Information on Reston: Filovirus Infektion in Monkeys
Rift Valley Fever virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Rift Valley fever complex
Spread of RVF with the wind
Distribution of RVF
WHO - Fact sheet
Information on RVF
Rio Bravo virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Rio Bravo virus
Ross River virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Alphavirus
References on Ross River and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
Short Summary: Ross River Virus
Substantial information on Australian Arboviruses
Saaremaa virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Hanta virus
Abstract of article on Tula
Article on Tula
Salehabad virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Salehabad complex
Sandfly Fever virus Naples (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Salehabad complex
Taxonomy: Bunyaviridae
Sandfly Fever virus Sicilian (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Sandfly fever Sicilian virus
Semliki Forest virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Semliki Forest virus
References on Semliki Forest and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
Semliki Forest Vector
Seoul virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Seoul virus
Simian Agent 8/HPV2(Herpes-Simplex) Virus-group information: Simplexvirus
Sindbis virus (Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Sindbis virus
References on Sindbis and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
Sindbis Virus Bibliogaphy
Sin nombre (Four Corners)(Bunya-Hanta) Virus information: Sin nombre
More about Sin nombre
Sin nombre vectors
Smallpox (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: variola virus
CDC -Smallpox: Clinical and Epidemiologic Features
Smallpox profile
Variola (Smallpox) Virus as a Bioterrorist Agent
Future research on smallpox recommended
Snowshoe hare virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: Snowshoe hare virus
St. Louis Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: St. Louis Encephalitis virus
CDC Answers Your Questions About St. Louis Encephalitis
Saint Louis Encephalitis: A Florida Problem
Tahyna virus (Bunya-Bunya) Virus-group information: Tahyna virus
Tehran virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Tehran virus
Taxonomy: Bunyaviridae
Thogoto virus (Orthomyxo-"Thogoto like") Virus-group information: Thogoto virus
Tick-Borne Encephalitis (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Tick-borne Encephalitis virus
Distribution of TBE (= FSME) in Europe (German)
Distribution of TBE (= FSME) in Europe/Russia-Topographic (German)
Climate and Tickborne Encephalitis
Substantial information on Lyme Disease
Substantial information on the biology of ticks
Tonate virus (VEE-Complex)(Toga-Alpha) Virus-group information: Alpha virus
Tonate and Guama-group viruses isolated ...
Recovery of Tonate virus....
Toscana virus (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Toscana virus
Taxonomy: Bunyaviridae
Tribec virus (Reo-Orbi) Virus-group information: Tribec virus
Tula virus (Bunya-Hanta) Virus-group information: Hanta virus
Abstract of article on Tula
Article on Tula
Uganda S (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Uganda S
Antigenic relatedness of selected flaviviruses
Uukuniemi (Bunya-Phlebo) Virus-group information: Uukuniemi
Virus particle function
Vaccinia virus (Pox-Orthopox) Virus-group information: Orthopoxvirus
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE)
Virus-group information: VEE virus
Overview on VEE:
VEE outbreak 1995
Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE)
Virus-group information: WEE virus
Fact Sheet on WEE:
References on WEE and other Alphaviruses: Alphavirus Pathogenesis
West Nile Fever (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: West Nile Fever virus
Mosquito-borne viruses in western Europe: a review
West Nile Fever in Europe
Yellow Fever (Flavi-Flavi) Virus information: Yellow fever virus
Substantial Information on Yellow fever (WHO)
Information and Global Distribution of Yellow fever
Fact Sheet: Yellow Fever (WHO)
Zika virus (Flavi-Flavi) Virus-group information: Zika virus

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