Articles on ENIVD

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
paradigm of an emerging viral infection

A. Berger et al.
Journal of Clinical Virology 29 (2004) 1322

Rapid Detection and Differentiation of Human Pathogenic
Orthopox Viruses by a Fluorescence Resonance Energy
Transfer Real-Time PCR Assay

Marcus Panning et al.
Clinical Chemistry 50: 702-708, 2004;

RT International Fall 2003
The European response to Bioterrorism

BioMedNet 03 May 2002
Europe in disunion about proposed infectious disease center

Ausbreitung von Tropenkrankheiten
Karsten Füllhaas
Swiss article in German on spreading of tropical diseases

Eurosurveillance 48/2001
Health ministers wish to strengthen the network approach
in response to bioterrorism threat

Outbreaks of Disease: Current European Reporting
Philip van Dalen

Die Welt (German) 2001
Europas Kampf gegen importierte Viren
Translated to English by Babelfish

Article in Portuguese Journal; 2001
Translated to English by Babelfish

Reporter de Setúbal online; 2001
Dias 27 e 28 de Abril em Palmela
Translated to English by Babelfish

Epidemiologisches Bulletin (RKI) (German); 1998
Epidemiologisches Bulletin 24/98 page 174
Translated to English by Babelfish

Eurosurveillance; 1998
Establishing a European network tor the diagnosis
of "Imported" viral diseases (ENIVD)