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Last update 31 August 06

Public Page

While "relaunching" the ENIVD website we rearranged
some items and introduced new topics.

    Viruses & Diagnostics
  • SARS with information on many aspects is part of the Diagostics-section
  • A summary of the EQAs done by ENIVD is found here
    Ongoing Studies
  • In this part you will find information on Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Chikungunya studies
  • This part contains some information on Encephalitis and will be expanded with incoming results
  • We included "Fact Sheets" on Encephalitis diseases
  • According to legal demands we included an imprint
  • According to EU demands we included a Guestbook "interactive component for the aera open to public"
  • For your convenience we now have a sitemap for the ENIVD pages
  • For your convenience we now have a search engine for the public page
  • For your convenience we now have a time-zone-converter

Member's Page

    Minutes of Meetings
  • The constitution of ENIVD, and the minutes of the meetings of the ENIVD Board, are shifted to the new section "Organisation of the ENIVD".
  • The minutes of the Rome meeting are online.
  • The complete list of addresses is ready for download (.pdf) updated May 06
  • You can now download the "Nomination" form
    Organisation of the ENIVD
  • At the moment you'll find here: the constitution, Information from the board, the documents of the application
  • The new FORUM