National Guidelines
in Europe

Guidelines None
A national law on infectious disease handling has been last modified in 1974.
A consensus meeting on this issue is being prepared for April 2000.
Guidelines Currently under discussion, guidelines based on UK and USA recommendations would be used
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Guidelines None
The Czech Army has started a co-operation with the Czech Society for Infectious Diseases
with the goal to build up two isolation units in civilian hospitals (Prague-Bulovka and Hradec Kralove).
Guidelines National recommendations from the National Health Service (October 1991)
Guidelines National guidelines are currently under discussion.
Guidelines of Helsinki University Hospital exist.
Guidelines National guidelines (for both laboratories and clinical departments) on how to tackle patients with
haemorrhagic fever and contact persons, from the Health Ministery and from the Hôpitaux de Paris.
A final version with consensus: in progress
Guidelines Recommendations for the management and control of viral hemorrhagic fevers and other dangerous
infections in Germany, published by Robert Koch Institute:
Fock R. et al.: Management und Kontrolle lebensbedrohender hochkontagiöser Infektionskrankheiten.
Bundesgesundheitsblatt-Gesundheitsforschung-Gesundheitsschutz 42 (1999) 389-401
Guidelines Greece has not up to date national guideliness and/or recommentations.
However, some of the hospitals have guidelines.
Guidelines Informally, recommendations from the UK would be used:
Guidelines are currently established by the Dept. of Health.
Guidelines Italian guidelines for viral hemorragic fevers have been prepared during the Ebola Alert in 1995.
They are available at the Web site of the Ministry of Health www.sanita.interbusiness.
The relevant documents have been issued on the 11th and 26th of may 1995 (see under "normativa").
Guidelines Laboratory guidelines, based on international recommendations
Guidelines None
Guidelines Because the Cantons of Switzerland have the right to issue such guidelines there are only two nationwide
recommendations for Switzerland:
- Abteilung Medizin, Sektion medizinische Epidemiologie: Virale Hämorrhagische Fieber in der Schweiz -
Vorgehen bei Verdachts- oder gesicherten Fällen Bulletin des BAG (1991) 3: 57-58
- Ruef C., Raeber P.A., Komitee von Swiss-NOSO: Vorsichtsmassnahmen im Spital bei vermuteten oder
gesicherten Fällen mit viralem hämorrhagischem Fieber. Swiss-NOSO (1996) 3:25-28
The Netherlands
Guidelines Clear guidelines are available for the management of suspected Lassa fever and other haemorrhagic
viral fevers. These are published in 1997 by the "National Coordination Structure for Infectious
Diseases Control (LCI)", The Hague.
United Kingdom
Guidelines Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens Management and Control of Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers
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