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American Biological Safety Association (ABSA)
European Biosafety Association (EBSA)
Health Aspects of Biological and Chemical Weapons (WHO)

Facility Requirements (Jon Crane)

NIH Guidelines on Recombinant DNA Molecules
Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines; 3rd Edition 2004 .

Herpes B Virus

Guide for the Care and Use of Laoratory Animals

Holmes GP, Chapman LE, Stewart JA, Straus SE, Hilliard JK,
Davenport DS, et al. Guidelines for the prevention and treatment
of B-virus infections in exposed persons. Clin Infect Dis 1995;20:421-439.

The European Federation Biotechnology

Working Party on Safety in Biotechnology Homepage

European BioSafety Association

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Belgian Biosafety Server

Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines

Swiss Biosafety Server

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